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How it works

The primary function of this APP is to challenge the user to "spend" all their opportunity points by doing good for others. 

After building your profile, a number of points will be assigned daily depending on your schedule for the day.

Your task is to spend your total points by bedtime each day. 

The APP has over 80 different ways to spend your points (let someone ahead of you in line, help someone in a parking lot with a heavy package, wash a neighbor's car, buy your restaurant server a desert, etc).  You can even add your child who will be assigned points of their own to spend.

This APP is designed for users to make a priority of helping others.  We all want to do good deeds: do the right thing.  We just get so busy, we overlook many opportunities everyday to help other people.

Your DASH will be on your gravestone between your date of birth and your date of death.  How  will you "spend" your dash?  Let this APP help you show others that  we can  change the good deed at a time.